Art Gallery

The following links take you to some of the Flash 5 experiments I've done.  Some of them are just for fun and some are related to a field equation I've been working on.

If you're a web designer, you'll appreciate the banner I've put together at the top of this page.  Its a good example of what can be done with Flash 5 with just a few KB.  You're probably aware of how difficult it is to create an interesting and small ad with a .gif.  The secret is to use Flash 5 and a little math to create the intrigue and just a little imagination to deliver your message.  Though, underpowered machines (<300MHz) will have a problem with an ad like this.      Download the fla.

If you like art and music, I'm not sure I've got either to share with you but, that won't stop me.  Fusion is a combination of  Lissajous figures (trig) Flash & algorithmic music generation.  For note generation, I've used Beatnik, since is lets me control a 'composition' via JavaScript.  

The laws of physics are another obsession of mine.  I'm convinced that many of the open problems in physics might be solved  if the principles of physical law could be applied.  Currently, there are many fragments of what we might call "physical law" but still no unified whole.   Fisics represents a small step I've taken in that direction.

Other Actual Art?

T-Shirt (Flash & Java/ActionScript)

Green Rhythm (Flash & Java/ActionScript)

MyDesktop (Ray Dream & Bryce)

Some Bryce Art

And then there is this!

And this is my favorite stuff...

Some Slides of Idaho

Galactic Mist >

Flash floating over HTML -- sweet :)

More New! The Eight Puzzle 70K in Flash, 278K in DHTML

The goal with the Lightsout puzzle is to make all of the lights the same color. For level 1, try to make all the lights blue.

Lightsout (click again to close): Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3

Vector Draw (Flash 5) Draws a vector wherever, however you want!

A clock made from "Vector Draw"

Very very wow! Made from "Vector Draw" and "Then there is this"

A 3D toy And here's is the .fla file for it. here

My Games page

An interactive music piece