The goal with the Lightsout puzzle is to make all of the lights the same color. Try to make all the lights blue.

Lightsout (click again to close): Level 1

The Eight Puzzle (Flash 5.0) A famous AI puzzle.

The Eight Puzzle (Same thing in DHTML)

Lunar Outpost (a work in progress) A larger game and more demanding.  use the cursor keys to fire your thrusters.  The goal is to deliver medical supplies to the Lunar Outposts.

Experimental stuff

An exercise map (death match) to hone your aiming skills for Unreal Tournament 2002.  Download and unzip this & Save DM-TestRoom.unr  to your "unreal tournament\map" folder, and TargetMover.u and TextHud.u to your "unreal tournament/system" folder

Dougs Fragology (Unreal Tournament Tips)